Monday, 19 March 2018

Majestic Orange Color Flowering Tree

This majestic tree is extremely eye-catching due to its orange color flowers. The nature beauty is infinite, especially in spring season. Every where you see colorful flowers and new life to leafs truly stunning.  This trees has no leafs, but dense flowers engulfed him. For nature lovers, its a blessing to relax in a perfect climate. The chain of flowers enticing everyone who crossed close to him.

Another one of great flowering tree, gets the attention of nature lovers. It has no leaf, but mind-blowing pink flowers all around it. One of best ever flower tree i ever see. For those who have interest in Nature, its a gift for those people. The mesmerizing flowers moving with light breeze. The captivate colors relaxing mind and soul. Its a great tree and i hope you would love him.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The Looking Glass Rock is located in the Pisgah National Forest near Brevard, of Western North Carolina. The sheer face makes it one of best rock climbing destination in the United States. Full article at: Source: Charismatic Planet

Most Beautiful Birds in The World

Birds and Flowers are Jewel of Mother Nature. In this video you can see some of most beautiful birds in the world. For some minutes you are gone into deep thoughts, who is creating these colorful birds and why? Where it comes from and every bird is complete different to other species. This video is perfect for those, who love nature and birds.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Yungas Road, the Road of Death in Bolivia

The North Yungas Road also known as Grove’s Road, Death Road or Road of fate is a road leading from La Paz to Coroico, 56 KM northeast of La Paz in the Yungas region of Bolivia. In 1995 this is most dangerous road in the world as per American Development Bank Christened, about 200 to 300 travelers killed yearly along the road. The road was built in the 1930s during the Chaco War by Paraguayan prisoners. Source: Charismatic Planet

Monday, 19 February 2018

Carezza Rainbow Lake

In the Western Dolomites there is a small mountain Carezza Rainbow Lake is a mountain lake may be a dime a dozen, but how many can boast brilliant waters whose colors are the result of a lovesick sorcerer and drowned rainbows? According to the local folklore, the myriad colors of this lake are the result of a lovelorn wizard's blunder. Their fractured magnificence continues to radiate through its crystalline waters to this day, and account for Carezza’s other name: Lec de ergobando, or “Rainbow Lake.” 
According to the ethnicities of the Ladin people in Italy’s South Tyrol region, once upon a time there was a mermaid living in the lake. who often sat and sang on the shores of the lake. She was however very shy, and whenever anyone approached, she would instantly vanish into the water. Once wizard MasarĂ© was in love with. The striking water nymph called the pristine waters of Lake Carezza, at the foot of the Dolomites, home. In order to seduce her, the witch Lanwerda advised him to dress up as jewel merchant and throw a rainbow from Mt Catinaccio to Mt Latemar. Therefore, braiding her hair on its shores, the sorcerer MasarĂ© was overwhelmed by the sound of the nymph as she softly sang to herself. Hence, head over heels in love, he hunts for the support of a witch to make the nymph his own.
An elaborate plan involving a disguise as a jewelry salesman, and casting a rainbow across the lake ensued. Unfortunately for the sorcerer, he forgot to wear his jewelry salesman outfit and was uncovered by the nymph even as she wondered at his creation. Thus, evading his trap, she hasn’t been seen since. Fully distraught at his own foolishness, MasarĂ© smashed the rainbow into a million pieces, which fell into the lake’s waters below. So the beautiful mermaid detected him and forever disappeared in Lake Carezza. Since then the Ladin name for the lake has been “Lec de Ergobardo” (the Rainbow Lake).
Lake Carezza is mainly fed by subterraneous springs from the Latemar Group and his water level is continually changing. In spring lake gets the highest level and lowest level in October. In summer lake is fed by snow melt. In winter, however, the “Fairytale Dolomite Lake” is frozen and covered by snow, which is very impressing. This lake is amazing and whenever you plan to go Italy then must see it in person!

Monday, 12 February 2018

Ships Graveyard in the Desert of Moynaq, Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, an eerie ship graveyard filled with hauntingly beautiful shipwrecks beckons, is literally a ghost town in the middle of the desert. Moynaq ship Graveyard — Mo‘ynoq also spelled as Muynak and Moynaq, is a city in northern Karakalpakstan in western Uzbekistan. It was formerly a sea port, now home to only a few thousand residents at most. Mo‘ynoq’s population has been abating precipitously since the 1980s due to the recession of the Aral Sea.Source: Charismatic Planet

Rainbow Eucalyptus, The Most Amazing Tree on Planet Earth

Eucalyptus deglupta is a tall tree, also famous as the rainbow eucalyptus, Mindanao gum, or rainbow gum. The most colorful tree on earth is found in an area that spans New Britain, New Guinea, Seram, Sulawesi and Mindanao, and is the only Eucalyptus species with a natural range that extends into the northern hemisphere. Source: CP

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

What is Crown Shyness, when Trees Avoiding Touching?

Crown shyness is a naturally occurring phenomenon in some tree species where the upper most branches in a forest canopy avoid touching one another. The visual effect is striking as it creates clearly defined borders akin to cracks or rivers in the sky when viewed from below. This intriguing behavior was first observed in 1920’s, but somehow researchers yet have to reach a consensus on what causes it.Source: Charismatic Planet

Catacombes de Paris, A Horrible Sight

In 2004, Parisian police were transferred to complete a training exercise in an uncharted part of the Catacombs of Paris beneath the Palais de Chaillot. Entering the catacombs through a drain, officers first came across a sign that read “Building site, no access,” and move ahead a camera that actively recorded images of those who passed. The police descended deeper into the tunnels and discovered a 500-square-meter cavern with a fully equipped giant cinema screen, projection equipment, chairs and a handful of films, from film noir classics to recent thrillers. Someone had turned this abandoned underground cavern into a secret amphitheater. Moreover, in the next “room,” police discovered a fully-stocked bar and restaurant, with tables and chairs. This discovery left police perplexed, not to mention the professional installation of electricity and three phone lines.Source: Charismatic Planet

Monday, 29 January 2018

Europe’s Best Scenic Roads

The stunning photographs that show why Europe is one of the best travelling place in the world for a scenic drive. Romanian Photographer Ervin Boer took unbelievable Europe best scenic roads while he travelling with Great Rally company, which organized 3 day trip for car enthusiasts from Belgium to Austria.  The most entertaining 1,250 mile trips the life time memories for me. I actually more photographing than driving and I was hypnotized by the landscapes and curvy roads and was always hanging out the window with my camera ready. Exhausting but I can’t wait to do it again. These are the stunning images that prove that Europe has some of the world’s most scenic roads.

Friday, 26 January 2018

Rainbow Mountain Peru

One of the most wonderful geologic features in the world is the Ausangate Mountain of the Peruvian Andes. The mountain is striped with colors ranging from turquoise to lavender to maroon and gold. However, this “painted mountain” is notoriously difficult to find and get to, requiring several days of hiking to reach its peak deep within the Andes by way of Cusco. The mountain sits at an elevation of 6,384 meters and is located approximately 100 km southeast of the major city Cusco. The local area is rich in geology, from uplifted granitic cliffs to glaciers which have eroded large valleys and the cretaceous limestone “forest” nearby. Rainbow Mountain Peru turned out not to be the beautiful natural wonder that you see on the tourism posters in Cusco.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Oymyakon: The World’s Coldest Village

The world’s coldest village “Oymyakon” Siberian outpost reaches near-record cold temperatures as thermometer breaks after recording minus 62C. This is the coldest village on earth where the average temperature in January is -50C and inhabitant’s eye lashes freeze solid mere moments after stepping outside. The remote Siberian village is the coldest permanently inhabited settlement in the world.

Monday, 22 January 2018

The Bimmah Sinkhole, Oman

The Bimmah Sinkhole, located in Hawiyat Najm Park, actually meaning “Meteor Fall” Park in Arabic, is a sinkhole in Muscat Oman. Bimah sinkhole is beautiful natural landmark, the best place see in Muscat for refreshment at the long coastal road of Oman. This exclusive sinkhole is so exquisite, as limestone hollow, in Bimmah, boasts the kind of clear waters normally only seen on holiday postcards. It is approximately 50 by 70 m large, 20 to 30 m deep. The crystal-clear waters provide one of the most picturesque swims in Oman.

Monday, 8 January 2018

40 Animals That May Soon Be Extinct

25 Most Jaw Dropping Mountains in the World

Our universe is full of natural mountains offers some of the largest cliffs and most challenging rock climbing in the world. These amazing mountains have been most photographed peak and this beautful image is one of the best snaps you'll see of it. Here're 25 Most Dropping Mountains in the world.

Monday, 1 January 2018

14 Most Beautiful Waterfalls Across the Globe

Waterfalls are jewels of our mother land. They're hundred of waterfalls on the globe, but here are some of best waterfalls on planet earth. Waterfalls are definitely the natural wonders on Earth. Visiting some of these waterfalls below might be a breathtaking experience, since they overwhelm with the stunning sight, as well as a splitting voice.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Snowfall in Murree

During my visit to Murree in Dec 2017, here i see one of best scenes of my life. When Snowfall capture everything offering breathtaking views. The magnificent trees are fully covered with snow. It was amazing view which can't express in words.

Baan Sukhawadee Thailand

Baan Sukhawadi is located at Naklua Beach in Pattaya. Baan Sukhawadee or Eden House was built in year 2000 on the seafron and it is 400 meters long. This pace was built as a gift from the owner of Saha Chicken Farms to his Buddha. You can find all kinds of religious statues here, from Christian, Roman, Egyptian to Thai.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

18 Most Surreal Landscapes On Planet Earth

Fantastic places and unbelievably beautiful nature exist not only in fairy tales but in the real world too. Sometimes you have to see them live with your naked eyes to admire their natural beauty. These are 18 Most Surreal Landscapes on Planet Earth, i hope you’d like them.