Monday, 31 March 2014

My very FIRST Hummingbird capture EVER

Not that I haven't tried, but usually I'm not in the right place at the right time. This wee little one is about 1/2 the size of an adult, and I believe it's a very young Rufous. Please correct me if I'm wrong! This was my submission for a challengewet with the Oregon Photographers group on Facebook... yeah I know, but none the less it's a way to keep in touch with a lot of my friends and family. Pouring down rain and I was about 30 feet away from the little tike, so I had to crop the image by100+ percent! I know there are much better captures of hummers out there, but this was my first.

Eurasian Tree Sparrow

Eurasian Tree Sparrow - few days ago, (Passer montanus, Pikkuvarpunen), Viertola, Vantaa,

Ice Shack on Lake Superior

A shack on Lake Superior. In the distance you can see a large pile of ice that has accumulated off shore.

Giethoorn “The Venice of the Netherlands” A Village with No Roads

Coveting a simple life, then try Giethoorn, the car free village where there are no roads and all transport is done by water, over one of the several canals. Giethoorn has over four miles of canals with over 150 bridges and the farmhouses with thatched roofs date back to the 18th century. The lakes in Giethoorn were formed by unearthing peats, and no you are not dreaming. Welcome to Giethoorn the Venice of Holland.

Panorama View of Lower Navajo Falls

There is another shot from my recent trip to Havasupai. This was a 4 shot vertical panorama overlooking Lower Navajo Falls. Seeing that teal blue water against the immense Grand Canyon walls was quite a sight! It's almost hard to believe what you're looking at is actually real.

Beautiful Hummingbird

Have you ever observed a hummingbird moving about in an aerial dance among the flowers -- a living prismatic gem ... it is a creature of such fairy-like loveliness as to mock all description.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Magnificent Pencil Drawings of “Anamorphic Illusions”

The artist Ben Heine holding a huge gun appears to explode through a wall, while elsewhere a guy walks a tiger on a leash. These magnificent pencil drawings are the real beauty of work of 31-year-old artist Ben Heine, who lives and works in Rochefort, Belgium. The “anamorphic illusions”, part of the artist's “Pencil vs Camera” series, seem slightly distorted unless viewed from the precise same perspective in which they were created. The breathtaking sketches, done freehand before being retouched in post-production, are actually using a mixture of charcoal sticks and graphite pencils and can take up to a week to finish. The artist Ben Heine works in his studio while he produces one of his “anamorphic illusions” in Rochefort, Belgium. (Photo Credit To Ben Heine/Barcroft Media)

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Shawish Jewelry has Unveiled World’s First Exquisite All Diamond Ring

The world’s first all diamond rings was publicized by “Shawish Jewelry” and boasts 150 carats carved from a single-faceted diamond. The entire diamond ring costs a pretty penny at a whopping $68 million. I thought only celebrities will try to nab it. The idea of an all diamond ring seemed to be an imaginary, yet the epitome of art. Muhammed Shawish the CEO of the Geneva-based “Shawish Jewelry” decided to make it happen. The company is claiming it to be “the world’s first diamond ring” and while that assertion isn’t backed up, it’s clear that the ring is no doubt extraordinary. The all diamond ring was a labor of love for “Shawish”. He secured a copyright on the ring’s design and got it in 2010. Therefore; numerous tests were done to get the precision of the circle right. Distinct laser equipment was bought to cut directly into the diamond so as not to change the color of it. This lovely diamond ring is the biggest and best in market. The ring finally came to pass in 2012 and is absolutely exquisite.

Stunning Ultra-High Speed Water Droplets Photos

Photography is a great hobby for some people to experiment on different Idea. Like the talented 48 years old photographer Ronny Tertnes belongs to Bergen Norway captured eye-catching ultra-high speed water droplets photos. He shows the water’s displacement as numerous liquids are being dropped in. Ronny Tertnes works as full time as an IT administrator, set up his camera and flash rigs to depict the exact moment a droplet hit the surface, many times causing several drops to collide into each other. He uses different liquids & things such as milk, water, and smoke.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Brown-eared Bulbul

Still winter but Brown-eared Bulbul can start to enjoy eating those flowers. The Brown-eared Bulbul  is a medium-sized bulbul which is found from the Russian Far East , the Korean Peninsula, and Japan, south to Taiwan and the Babuyan and Batanes island chains in the north of the Philippines, occasionally being found on Luzon. It is extremely common within the northern parts of its range and is a familiar bird throughout Japan.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Mesmerizing Photography of Freezing Flowers

Some ideas are really unique, when photographer Mo Devlin takes an interesting approach for flower photography by freezing his buds in order to generate mind-blowing abstract compositions. He uses macro lens by capturing intriguing light, texture, and unforeseen details within the melodramatic colors and shapes set in ice. The whole experimental process is wonderfully unpredictable. During experimental process & error he learned that ordinary tap water generates cloudy ice so he now gets his clearest ice by using distilled water. Devlin varies the container size which alters the effects of how the water freezes, and uses all types of flowers including roses, daffodils, posies, and daisies to get a colorful array of painterly compositions. During the freezing process, he gets the pleasant discovery; water compresses all flowers and squeezes out bubbles of oxygen from the petals. As the block more solidifies, the ice pushes the bubbles away from the center which consequences in gorgeous icy trails around the flowers. Devlin relishes this ever-changing process almost as much as the final photographs and Devlin says; I know very well, that I have become to some extent obsessed with my frozen posies as when I bring flowers home my wife asks Are those for me or the freezer?