Saturday, 29 March 2014

Shawish Jewelry has Unveiled World’s First Exquisite All Diamond Ring

The world’s first all diamond rings was publicized by “Shawish Jewelry” and boasts 150 carats carved from a single-faceted diamond. The entire diamond ring costs a pretty penny at a whopping $68 million. I thought only celebrities will try to nab it. The idea of an all diamond ring seemed to be an imaginary, yet the epitome of art. Muhammed Shawish the CEO of the Geneva-based “Shawish Jewelry” decided to make it happen. The company is claiming it to be “the world’s first diamond ring” and while that assertion isn’t backed up, it’s clear that the ring is no doubt extraordinary. The all diamond ring was a labor of love for “Shawish”. He secured a copyright on the ring’s design and got it in 2010. Therefore; numerous tests were done to get the precision of the circle right. Distinct laser equipment was bought to cut directly into the diamond so as not to change the color of it. This lovely diamond ring is the biggest and best in market. The ring finally came to pass in 2012 and is absolutely exquisite.

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