Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Canyon lands, Utah

A storybook moment out in Canyon lands, Utah. I gave this photo more of a painting-quality, it felt like such a timeless moment that day. This was my first visit to the park. It's an incredible place and I've returned once since then. I know I'll go again and again... so much to see here. Utah has some amazing scenery!

An albino alligator only 12 left in the entire world

An albino alligator.  Only 12 left in the entire world, an incredible creatures.

A Western Bluebird quite popular in Northern California!

A Western Bluebird quite popular in Northern California! A really beautiful little fella with amazing colors, actually chosen a great composition with perspective, the tree in the background is a perfect frame from the left. Photo Alex James

Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley is a glacial valley in Yosemite National Park in the western Sierra Nevada mountains of California. The valley is about 8 miles (13 km) long and up to a mile deep, surrounded by high granite summits such as Half Dome and El Capitan, and densely forested with pines.
Widespread on the African continent, this diminutive species has also been widely introduced, and is best known in the neotropics from Brazil, where the species is thought to have become established during the 19th century, perhaps as early as the 1820s, but that it did not start to spread widely until the second third of the 20th century. 
Image by Bertrando Campos

Meteora Greece

Excellent Image with stunning clouds over Meteora Greece (Photo Credit by Vaios-visvikis

Yosemite Falls, Half Dome, Sentinel Bridge and Swinging Bridge before walking along the Merced River back to the Lower Falls.

  • Yosemite Falls, Half Dome, Sentinel Bridge and Swinging Bridge before walking along the Merced River back to the Lower Falls.

Volcano In Hawaii" by Alain Barbezat

The Real Pink Beauty of Nature

This is truly an amazing pink beauty of Nature. Two Yellow Sparrows are lucky enough to enjoy the Nature at its best.

Reflections at Smith Rock

Taking our time moving around the valley in Smith Rock allowed us to grab some spectacular views. The water was relatively calm this morning and allowed me to get this reflection of the golden peaks of Smith Rock in Central Oregon.

Monday, 28 April 2014

The Incredible Cool-Colors Striped Iceberg

Perhaps you’d be knew that Icebergs are formed when large blocks of ice breaks off from glaciers ice shelf and is floating in open water. Icebergs are born as elegant ancient glaciers rumble, crack and calve, and comes in all shapes and sizes, from tiny growlers which are approximately size of small cars, to bergy bits which size are of a small house, to massive icebergs of all sizes. Though icebergs can be striped and come in numerous colors that are revealed as the iceberg “rolls” over in the sea, the water from bergs is very pure since the ice formed long ago. Nearly 70% of all fresh water is locked in the polar ice caps. Just the new icebergs that form every year around Antarctica hold enough water to meet the needs of every person on Earth for several months.

Generally glaciers are built up from snow falling on the Antarctic continent over millennia; this ice consists of pure fresh water. This floating chunk of freshwater ice then interacts with seawater beneath them it. As seawater is drawn deep under the ice shelves by the oceanic currents, it becomes super-cooled and freezes to the base of the ice shelf. The ice is formed from seawater that encompasses organic matter and minerals it causes variety of color and texture to the iceberg. When the bergs become fragmented and sculpted by the wind and waves, the various colored layers develop striking patterns. Striped icebergs in a various colors, including black, yellow, brown, and blue has been spotted in freezing waters around Antarctica.

Usually an iceberg looks white as a result of the tiny bubbles trapped within which scatter light in every direction. Blue stripes are formed when a crevice in the ice sheet fills up with melt water and freezes so rapidly that no bubbles form. Ice that is bubble free has a blue tint which is due to the same light marvel that tints the sky the wavelength of blue light causes it to be scattered or spread around much more than the other colors. When an iceberg falls into the sea, a layer of salty seawater can freeze to the base. If this is abundant in algae, it can shape in green stripe. However; other hues such as black, yellow and brown, are produced by sediment, picked up when the ice sheet grinds downhill towards the sea.

Exquisite pictures show gorgeous frosty landscape on 500-mile drive across Frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia

Generally most motorists avoid the roads when they’re icy. However one intrepid traveler has spent a week driving almost 500 miles across the deepest lake in the world, while it was completely frozen, called “adventure of a lifetime”. The brave Alexey Trofimov captured these spectacular pictures as he drove across the 389-mile-long Lake Baikal in Siberia - dodging cracks in the ice up to two metres wide hidden under a blanket of snow. The award-winning photographer braved the daring expedition in an especially adjusted Suzuki Jimny SUV with his friend Nicolas Demin. Both were underwent specialist training for driving on ice.

Replacing the suspension and increasing the ground clearance were necessary adjustments for the dangerous route. The brave friends also fitted extras such as lights and a roof rack to carry their goods. The 43 years old Alexey, said I always love winter photo expeditions the risk, and wildlife, the people you are with and the lack of a complete sense of freedom. I drove approximately 500 miles across the ice and this fantastic journey took a week. Baikal ice is very perilous because of the ice's erratic behavior. The trip needs deep knowledge of ice conditions and the extreme of care. At times we are in the middle of nowhere and more than 100 miles from the nearest town. We knew our families are worried all the time but they really support us in a courageous way. We’re sure, when our children will grow up, we will take them with us to teach them survival in the wild and show them the striking scenery we see. They should know that it is all very brittle and we should relish it.

Fortunately on our trip, it was tranquil and only the sun was shining. The weather conditions are unpredictable, as one moment it was warm and then half an hour later, an icy wind would start blowing and the temperature drops. The duo motorists had to vary their speed from about 60mph on smooth ice to as slow as 2mph on rough passage. When they marked a fresh crack in the ice on Lake Baikal a Unesco Word Heritage site they had to make a detour for anxiety of falling in the freezing water below. His spectacular pictures show snow-topped ice blocks changing from a bright blue glow to a golden glow as the sun sets in the evening.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

The incredible Bird who can speak Japanese

The amazing bird that can speak JAPANESE reveals that he can “'chat” to people on the phone. This particular species of bird is famous as the Common Hill Myna Can talking birds speak languages other than English? The answer is a resounding “yes”, where a Common Hill Myna is seen chatting in Japanese. Called Abe Chan, the incredible bird has become an internet sensation many thanks to his grasp of the language, though whether it understands what it is saying remains to be seen. The video was uploaded by Satoko Ohno in Japan.
In this video the bird can be seen responding to a phone call. Satoko Ohno engages in conversation with the bird, showing off its astonishingly competent grasp of words and phrases in Japanese. On his website, Satoko Ohno says that he has had a few mishaps with the bird in the past. This includes Abe Chan jumping out of a window, leaving Ohno running around an inhabited area chanting his name.
According to the IUCN It is an animal of “least concern” in terms of conservation. The bird is famous for its unique jet-black feathers in contrast to its orange beak and yellow markings on its head. These birds are in average about 12in in length. The bird most notorious trait, and its ability to mimic a varied variety of noises. At dawn and dusk, when it is most vocal, it can be heard making a range of calls i.e. whistles and screeches. The bird can mimic the human voice with amazing accuracy. Although it is unlikely they are conscious what they are saying, the capability of the birds to visibly replicate a human voice is impressive, if slightly unnerving. However, seeing a bird speak Japanese is definitely a rare and fascinating sight.

A Luxury Island has gone on the market for $11million.

You will have a blast luxury Connecticut Island that comes with its own CANNON up for sale for $11MILLION. It was built more than a century ago. Tavern Island has a huge mansion, caretaker's cottage and a boat house, complete with a workshop, games room, bedroom and a bath. The island, in Connecticut, is spread across 3 1/2 acres and has round-the-clock access via a mainland cottage which is also included in the listing. The six-bedroom Tudor mansion, which includes a lap pool and three beaches, was last sold for a mere $1million (£560,000) in 1982. Mr and Ms Zesiger (Zesiger 83, wife Barries 67) run a money-management company, Zesiger Capital Group, in New York was reported to have been bought. A spokesman said: A private island oasis with year-round access through a separate mainland property. The stunning setting of island includes a Tudor style 1900 vintage residence and a separate caretaker's cottage. It has a boasts with a boathouse for guest quarters, a calm teahouse and a mainland garage-cottage with room for plentiful parking.

A regulation size pool overlooks one of numerous private beaches on the island while a protective seawall offers a safe harbor for the two shore launches. The mainland dock accommodates numerous vessels instantaneously and the landing area provides parking for several guest vehicles. The island was once owned by legendary Broadway producer Billy Rose and Marilyn Monroe who has been a guest during the 1950s. He further added due to “Rich in history” legend and lore, this exclusive property was first inhabited by European settlers in 1651. It was witnessed the British invasion of Norwalk in the Revolutionary War, housed Lillian Hellman in 1938 as she finished her classic “The Little Foxes”. As a rumors has it, served as a setting for numerous notorious parties given by its then owner, Billy Rose, the legendary showman. Historically noteworthy, suitably located within one hour of Mid-Town New York, serenely removed from the every-day yet completely accessible, this is one residential offering that actually lives up to the designation “unique”. This lovely island property has not been offered for sale in over thirty years.

The stunning pictures of Hawaii from a Hexacopter

The Seattle-based photographer Jon Cornforth using a remote controlled Hexacopter and captures the most stunning locations, while he remains on dry land. The astonishing bird’s eye view give you a feel like you’re gliding in over the island and it is not too far from the truth. The flying camera capture the beautiful images of Wailua Falls at sunrise, the turquoise waters of Kiholo Bay and Puu Pehe, also known as Sweetheart Rock, Maui, Lanai, and Kauai were taken by photographer.

He said; the exciting thing about flying a remote-controlled hexacopter is the photographic possibilities that are opened up by being freed of the limitations of being on the ground or shoreline. There’re several remote places that I travel to that where it is either unworkable or impossible to rent an aircraft to shoot aerials views out the window. I am also mostly flying over dangerous terrain or water, so I’ve to be very confident in my equipment and abilities. Everyone who has seen my fly images really recognizes my effort. It is the most intense and focused ten minutes of my life and even very stressful, but I’m glad to have the rewards are worth it when I am creating beautiful images like these. Source: Charismatic Planet