Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Luxury Island has gone on the market for $11million.

You will have a blast luxury Connecticut Island that comes with its own CANNON up for sale for $11MILLION. It was built more than a century ago. Tavern Island has a huge mansion, caretaker's cottage and a boat house, complete with a workshop, games room, bedroom and a bath. The island, in Connecticut, is spread across 3 1/2 acres and has round-the-clock access via a mainland cottage which is also included in the listing. The six-bedroom Tudor mansion, which includes a lap pool and three beaches, was last sold for a mere $1million (£560,000) in 1982. Mr and Ms Zesiger (Zesiger 83, wife Barries 67) run a money-management company, Zesiger Capital Group, in New York was reported to have been bought. A spokesman said: A private island oasis with year-round access through a separate mainland property. The stunning setting of island includes a Tudor style 1900 vintage residence and a separate caretaker's cottage. It has a boasts with a boathouse for guest quarters, a calm teahouse and a mainland garage-cottage with room for plentiful parking.

A regulation size pool overlooks one of numerous private beaches on the island while a protective seawall offers a safe harbor for the two shore launches. The mainland dock accommodates numerous vessels instantaneously and the landing area provides parking for several guest vehicles. The island was once owned by legendary Broadway producer Billy Rose and Marilyn Monroe who has been a guest during the 1950s. He further added due to “Rich in history” legend and lore, this exclusive property was first inhabited by European settlers in 1651. It was witnessed the British invasion of Norwalk in the Revolutionary War, housed Lillian Hellman in 1938 as she finished her classic “The Little Foxes”. As a rumors has it, served as a setting for numerous notorious parties given by its then owner, Billy Rose, the legendary showman. Historically noteworthy, suitably located within one hour of Mid-Town New York, serenely removed from the every-day yet completely accessible, this is one residential offering that actually lives up to the designation “unique”. This lovely island property has not been offered for sale in over thirty years.

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