Tuesday, 29 December 2015

World’s Oldest Individual Clonal Tree Discovered in Sweden

It is believed that trees are some of the longest living organisms on earth, and this disheveled spruce is no exception. The robust ancient 16-foot-tall Norwegian tree grows high atop the Fulufjället Mountain in Sweden and goes by the name of Old Tjikko well named after the discovering geologist's dog. Whereas this little shrub may not look like much, carbon dating of its root system has discovered that Old Tjikko it is in fact a astonishing 9,550 years old. Therefore, this means that its wizened bark and timeworn branches have seen thousands of years of human history come and go.

Since the tree is discovered in 2004, and this specific spruce comes from a species that conventionally decorated European homes during Christmas time, and is the planet’s longest-living identified plant. The unbelievable longevity of the plant in fact stems from its complicated root system and capability to clone itself. Although the trunk may only live around six hundred years, as soon as that portion dies off, a new one emerges from the very same root stock, letting it to frequently regenerate. Moreover for thousands of years, the frigid Tundra climate has kept Old Tjikko to a petite shrub; though, as weather has warmed over the past 100 years, the shrub has grown into a full-fledged tree that now stands bigheadedly, having outlived so much else on this earth.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Julia Roberts is breaking the internet with this video!

Julia Roberts is breaking the internet with this video!
Posted by Mysterious Things in The World on Thursday, May 28, 2015

Baghdad Battery

Yes, this is really shocking! When was electricity used thousands of years before we switched it on? Because, when we think of electricity, most of us recall back to a time in school where we learned about Benjamin Franklin, a metal key, and a kite. The year of Franklin’s fateful discovery was 1752.

Thus, the existence of the Baghdad batteries recommends the possibility of far more shocking scientific advances in the field a mind-blowing 2,000 years earlier. Therefore, this was discovered in 1936, and believed to have been made in the Mesopotamian region, these clay pots contain galvanized iron nails wrapped with copper sheeting, and some archaeologists theories that an acidic liquid was used to generate an electric current inside the jar. 

Furthermore if correct, these artefacts would predate the currently accepted timeline for the invention of the electrochemical cell, attributed to Alessandro Volta, by more than two millennia. Whether or not the artefacts were in fact used as batteries is highly contested by archaeologists, and what the resulting electrical current was used for is also a comprehensive mystery, as we have no historical records from that time. Moreover some people theories that they might have been used for electroplating objects, but such proof of their use for that purpose is yet to be found. What we do identify, though, is that the batteries would in fact work, at least in theory. 

Hence, at least twice, experiments were conducted to test replica constructions of the batteries, including once on the show Myth busters, and both experiments showed that the batteries were indeed capable of producing electricity when filled with an acidic solution. But for now, the true purpose of these artefacts remains unidentified.

Bermuda Triangle

Known as the Bermuda Triangle, this legendary expanse of ocean can be found between the points of Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. Pilots often tell of their instruments going haywire and numerous ships have been lost at sea. With explanations ranging from gas bubbles to aliens, no one is sure what is behind the strange phenomena.

This is Absolutely Mesmerizing Video!

This is absolutely mesmerizing!
Posted by Mysterious Things in The World on Monday, June 22, 2015

The Loch Ness Monster

For ages, people have been hearing about the Loch Ness monster and how it baffled everyone thinking that it is a creature unlike any other. There have been many sightings over the years and photos and videos of actual footage have been checked and looked at time and time again, confirming if it could be some kind of sea serpent or a descendant of the dinosaurs. Even up today, as some are claiming, it still exists and swims under the waters.

DB Cooper

When DB Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 along with $200,000, he proceeded to jump out of the plane with a parachute. He was never found, however, and this remains the only unsolved case in US aviation history.

Nazca Geoglyphs

The Nazca civilization is responsible for some of the most fascinating geoglyphs on the face of the Earth. They include everything from spiders, monkeys, sharks, orcas, and flowers, the precision of which is incredible given that the Nazca had no way of examining their work from above.

Aluminum Wedge of Aiud

Back in 1974, a group of workers in Romania discovered three different objects 10 meters deep in a sand trench. Two of the items were prehistoric elephant bones that have been dated as old as 2.5 million years ago. The third object however, is an aluminum wedge that was found together with the ancient bones. This discovery dumbfounded most researchers, as aluminum was difficult to create even by 19th century standards. While some call it evidence of extraterrestrials, others are calling it a hoax. Whatever it is, we may never know.

The reflection of the light inside makes it look like there's a UFO

The Baltic Anomaly

The Baltic Anomaly is a still-unknown item in the Baltic Sea which some say could be a pre-Ice Age artifact or Nazi anti-submarine device. Oddly, divers’ electrical equipment stops functioning within 650 feet (200m) and a strong radio signal comes off from just near the item.

Silent Twins

Dubbed the Silent Twins because they only communicated with their immediate family, June and Jennifer Gibbons were born in Wales in 1963 and grew up as social pariahs who were frequently bullied.They both had speech impediments, and as the years went by, created a strange secret language which became more unique and less intelligible to outsiders.The sisters committed several crimes, including arson and petty theft, were committed to England's Broadmoor Hospital, where they lived for 11 years and were later diagnosed with schizophrenia.The Silent Twins, the sisters had an intense love-hate relationship and eventually made a pact while at Broadmoor: one had to die so the other could lead a normal life.Jennifer even admitted to journalist, Wallace during a visit: "I'm going to die. We've decided." In 1993, hours after their release, Jennifer, at the age of 29, died on her sister's shoulder from a sudden inflammation of the heart muscle. The cause remains a mystery.

UFO Near Falcon Lake, Canada.

Well, on 20th May 1967, Stefan Michalak reportedly encountered a UFO near Falcon Lake, approximately 75 KM north of the Canadian/American border, a sort of resort and vacation town in Whiteshell Provincial Park. He was also an amateur geologist and he was close enough to touch the object but then, it abruptly lifted off, knocking him on his back. He stayed still for about a half hour, sketching the object. It was roughly 40 feet across, 10 feet high, and had a small dome on the top that was an additional 3 feet high. A blast of hot gas shot from these holes onto his chest, setting his shirt and undershirt on fire and causing him severe pain, and leaving burn marks in the shape of a grid. 

Stefan Michalak claimed to have been burnt by the object´s exhaust vent that was covered with a grid. However, it sounds very strange; the injuries are shown in this image below.  Therefore, after this weird accident, he suffered from typical symptoms of radiation. It remains a real mystery to this day as to how he gained these injuries. Could the story really be true? Moreover, few has saw this in a really old UFO book, they’ve been talking about this for decades the real interesting part is adter all this time it hasn’t been debunked. 

Easter Island Heads

The remote island is tucked away in the South Pacific Ocean and was once home to a Polynesian population, whose history remains mysterious. The Easter Island is home to many stone heads. They do however actually have bodies too! The tallest of the 887 Moai on the island is over 30 feet tall and weighs over 82 tons.Many of the sculptures were moved to different places around the island. They are said to represent ancestors and deities.

Friday, 25 December 2015

The Ouija Board

The Ouija Board has a long and strange sordid history for a board game. This was first brought to the commercial market by a business man by the name of "Elijah Bond" in the late eighteen centuries (1890) as nothing more than a parlor game. Therefore, this “wonderful talking board” promised “never-failing amusement and recreation for all the classes.”  Moreover it became hopelessly entangled in the occult years later when spiritualists adopted it as a tool for divining. Thus, people use these boards to try and make contact with spirits and ask them questions and they'll spell out their answers. Moreover, it is thought and well believed that this "game" can be very risky & dangerous, and something not to be messed with. Have you ever played with a Ouija Board and had a strange experience? Countless people has tried this game and have positive experience.

The Shadow People

The Shadow People is an urban legend, revolving around obscured visions or shadows of people that appear and disappear very quickly. However, at least one case turned out to be true. Therefore, in Fukuoka, Japan, a man who lived "alone" in his apartment started to suspect that something else was present there with him, moving things around and stealing food. It was a strange things he faced first time. Then he decided to set up surveillance cameras and, sure enough, he captured footage of an old woman slithering out of his cupboard. Hence the lady was 58-year-old Tatsuko Horikawa, who was homeless and admitted to police that she had lived in the man's home for about a year, lurking just beyond his eyesight in closets and cupboards.

Two Men Died in Strange Circumstances

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1966, two men died in strange circumstances, which have yet to be explained. It is unclear whether the men were murdered or if it was suicide. There were several objects found around the men and the case has been called the Lead Masks Case.Two electronic technicians, Manoel Pereira da Cruz and Miguel José Viana, told friends and family they were going to buy some supplies for work and buy a car. They apparently already had the money on them.They stopped off to buy a bottle of water and a coat. They apparently seemed to be in a hurry and kept looking at their watches.
Their bodies were found a few days later. The police determined the last moments the men were alive and found some items that represented their last moments alive. They were both dressed in suits and they had on waterproof coats. They wore lead eye masks with no holes such as one would wear to protect form radiation. They also found an empty water bottle, a notebook, and two towels. The money they were supposed to be carrying for the purchase of a car wasn’t found.The notebook contained these words in Portuguese “16:30 be at agreed place, 18:30 swallow capsules, after effect protect metals wait for mask signal.”The toxicology didn't offer any concrete results. It’s still unknown if they took the capsules or not. It appears they were waiting for someone to tell them to put on their masks.

Children Mask in World War II

During World War II children were fitted with a weird Mickey Mouse gas mask. It was 1942, just about a month after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Fearing imminent chemical attack on American soil, the government issued thousands of gas mask to civilians. Children couldn't fit into the regulation-sized masks. The masks were designed to fit kids 18 months to four years old, and were supposed to take away some of the fear out of a chemical attack.They look much creepier than the regulation gas masks!

New Species of Spider

Tattoo artist Mark Pennell and his friend Dean Hewlett spent £30,000 scouring the world’s jungles looking for a new species of spider. He was in Borneo, when a tree-dwelling tarantula dropped right in-front of him.Experts took until this year to confirm the spider as the first newly-recorded species of tarantula since 1895.They named the species Phormingochilus pennellhewletti, combining Mark and Dean's surnames.

The Cecil, Hotel

The Cecil, is a hotel at the heart of Los Angeles's Skid Row. This was the site of a mysterious death in 2013. "Night Stalker" Richard Ramirez called one of its rooms home in the '80s, and a Viennese serial killer stalked hookers there in the 1960s. Many have committed suicide from its 15 stories, one killing a person on the sidewalk below. This is also the site of the mysterious Elisa Lam death too.

Cymothoa Exigua

This pale little bug is Cymothoa Exigua, also known as the Tongue-Eating Louse, or the Tongue Isopod. They enter through the gills as a juvenile, the Tongue-Eating Louse will clamp on to the base of the fish’s tongue. It uses its claws to sever the blood vessels to the tongue. The tongue falls off after losing blood supply. The Isopod will then take the place of the fish’s tongue, attaching itself to the muscles that controlled the tongue. Probably Hollywood getting idea of Alien type movies from this type of creatures. Therefore, many of bait species like slimy or jack mackerel and yellow tail have them in warmer months.

Shocking Photos of Halls of An Asylum

Here are some truly shocking photos of what it used to be like to walk the halls of an asylum. There were countless reasons for being admitted to this asylum in the late 1800's, including laziness and egotism. Therefore, treatments included radium therapy, and diathermia, which was a treatment which sent a jolt of electricity through the patient's brain. Moreover, other patients had to wear masks to stop violent patients from biting people. So, it was once believed that mental disorders could be steamed away too.

Elevator Buttons

Elevator buttons will often be missing a fourth floor. The practice of avoiding No. 4 is called "Tetraphobia," and it is common in many East Asian and Southeast Asian regions.

The Black Knight Satellite

This photo is one of several observations made by some of the first man-made satellites in 1960, reporting unidentified objects in polar orbit, something that neither the US nor Russia were capable of at the time. Since then, the “Black Knight” was said to disappear and reappear at regular intervals. Several pics of this strange object have been taken, but it has yet to be identified as a known piece of man-made debris.
Rumors are that it Nikola Tesla was the first man to “intercept” a signal from this otherworldly satellite in 1899 after building a high-voltage radio device in Colorado Springs. After Tesla’s discovery in the next 30 to 50 years the signal was being intercepted more frequently until it was apparently “decoded”. Since the 1930′s Astronomers worldwide have been reporting strange radio signals which allegedly come from the “Black Knight”.

The Superstition Mountain

A mountain range located east of Phoenix, Arizona. Already it’s off to a great start with the name. According to legend, sometime in the 1800s a man named Jacob Waltz discovered a huge goldmine within the mountains that has since been dubbed the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. He kept the location a secret until his deathbed, upon which he may or may not have told a single person the secret. Regardless, the mine has never been found, in spite of many expeditions. Some say the spirits of people who have lost their lives in search of the gold still haunt the mountains.

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South Korean Photographer Captures Spectacular Landscapes Reflected in Mirror-Like Lakes

These days, most of photographer is very keen on taking picture of natural landscape. Nature is extremely close to heart of everyone. People really like to enjoy in open air with fresh breath to relax him for daily routine. Similarly The Seoul-based photographer Jaewoon U has gathered quite the following on 500px, and rightly so. His imposing landscape shots of his home country are nothing if not magical, overflowing with colors and rich details. The South Korean artist is mainly skilled at capturing beautiful outdoor scenery reflected within mirror-like lakes and rivers. Moreover, Jaewoon's spectacular portfolio features the essence of nonviolent harmony in each composition, while instantaneously showcasing the natural beauty of the countryside. The photographer's wanderlust-inducing portraits are visually tempting enough to immediately add South Korea to our travel bucket-list.