Sunday, 9 March 2014

Mesmerizing Photography of Freezing Flowers

Some ideas are really unique, when photographer Mo Devlin takes an interesting approach for flower photography by freezing his buds in order to generate mind-blowing abstract compositions. He uses macro lens by capturing intriguing light, texture, and unforeseen details within the melodramatic colors and shapes set in ice. The whole experimental process is wonderfully unpredictable. During experimental process & error he learned that ordinary tap water generates cloudy ice so he now gets his clearest ice by using distilled water. Devlin varies the container size which alters the effects of how the water freezes, and uses all types of flowers including roses, daffodils, posies, and daisies to get a colorful array of painterly compositions. During the freezing process, he gets the pleasant discovery; water compresses all flowers and squeezes out bubbles of oxygen from the petals. As the block more solidifies, the ice pushes the bubbles away from the center which consequences in gorgeous icy trails around the flowers. Devlin relishes this ever-changing process almost as much as the final photographs and Devlin says; I know very well, that I have become to some extent obsessed with my frozen posies as when I bring flowers home my wife asks Are those for me or the freezer?

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