Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Mother of 300 Trees

“Saalumarada Thimmakka” 105 years old women inspiring people of all generations with her unbelievable dedication to our planet. The one century old women planted about 300 trees, influenced by the fact that she and her late husband Sri Bikkala Chikkayya found themselves childless after 25 years of marriage. They are hailing from rural Karnataka, southern India, the motivated couple dealt with this despondency by nurturing, watering, and making the plants a part of their family.

She explained their verdict to cultivate trees to CNN. It was my destiny not to have any children. Because of that, we decided to plant trees and raise them and get blessings. We have carefully treated the trees just like our children. This cheering notion is particularly impressive considering the environmental conditions they faced the landscape is arid and has very slight rainfall. Hence, to properly care for the trees, the couple carried water for quite a lot of kilometers, but just like a protective parent, Chikkayya planted thorny bushes to protect the bunch from animals. Her great selfless efforts have since received the devotion they deserve. 

After year of efforts, finally she has a foundation established in her name called the “Saalumarada Thimmakka International Foundation” that’s dedicated to conserving the environment as well as supporting schools, education, and providing healthcare for those in need. Therefore, after years of caring for her plant children, she has someone to look after her in her advanced years an adopted son named Sri Umesh. She incessantly inspired by her environmental efforts, and acts as president for her organization and runs a nursery that provides trees to farmers, carrying on her legacy for years to come.