Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The inseparable tiger and lion cubs snuggling up to bunnies

In Japan zoo, a pair of newborn cubs have become fast friends, are seen cuddling each other and play fighting like they were siblings. You know, big cats are not mostly known for being friendly creatures but these adorable photographs show the new arrivals, a lion and a tiger cub, seem completely oblivious to their differences as they snooze side by side. Therefore, it seems that their natures have yet to kick in as they're even seen snuggling up to bunnies. 

So, the fleecy creatures are pictured at African Safari, in Oita prefecture in the south of the country, where they were born earlier this year. The zoo staffs have been surprise to see their friendship and sharing photographs on social media, where millions of users have since been cooing over the animals.  Thus, the fast friend feline: Gorgeous photographs show inseparable tiger and lion cubs before their animal instincts kick in.