Friday, 31 January 2014

Astronomical Watch Displays Our Solar System Orbiting the Sun

Van Cleef & Arpels in partnership with Dutch watchmaker Christian Van Der Klaauw, has developed innovative Midnight Planetarium watch design that permits you to wear a little piece of the Solar System on your wrist. The sophisticated concept replaces hands of a watch with six small planets orbiting around a central rose gold sun. The splendid unique device has an expensive price tag of $245,000 with semiprecious stones representing Mercury, Venue, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. All stones rotate separately and at the similar pace as the actual planets, like earth takes a full year to lap around the face of watch, while Venus requires 224 days and Mercury takes 88 days, Mars 687 days, Jupiter 12 years, and Saturn takes 29 years. A shooting star indicates minutes and hours and a "lucky day" feature permits the owners to choose a specific day of the year when the Earth will fall underneath the paint star on the face of the watch. The truly astonishing design is an elegant and captivating way to keep track of time without forgetting the larger universe around us.Source: Charismatic Planet

Monday, 27 January 2014

Vibrant Kaleidosopic Light Paintings Created in Camera

Neon whirls and electric sparks take over these exciting works of art inspired by Dr. Seuss, M.C. Escher, comic books and myriad geometric designs and patterns. It is spellbound by the magical results of a lengthy exposure and the manipulation of several light sources, photographer Jeremy Jackson (aka Tacky) works almost absolutely in light painting. He’s the resident of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and he makes kaleidoscopic light paintings. Since 2008, Jackson spends most of his time waving lights in front of his camera, shooting on 35mm film as well as digital. All of Jackson's elaborate, kaleidoscopic pictures are constructed in camera without the use of Photoshop, except for an occasional rotation or crop. For this method, light is the brush and the environment is the canvas determined by space and time. Jackson perceives infinite potential in this medium. He proclaims, "The techniques are infinite. The world is at your canvas. Anything you can visualize can be painted in a million different ways. Making his living from workshops on light painting, Jackson makes all his photos easily available for download because he believes that the art itself should be free to the public.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Solar Panel Charger Could Be A Right Solution When There is No Electrical Power

Designers Boa Oh and Kyuho Song finally have developed a solution when there is no electrical power source to plug into on the go. Though our advancing technology offers myriad benefits. This benefit has also added to our modern day inconveniences. One such irritation that nearly everybody can relate to is having your phone die on you with nowhere to recharge it. Fortunately, Kyuho Song and Boa Oh have designed a beautiful Window Socket, which is surely small, readily available, portable solar-charger. Equipped with a solar panel and suction cup, this merchandise is perfect for use on windows in offices or in aeroplanes, but will also functioned while out in nature. The socket converts the collected solar energy into electricity that can then actively charge any of your handheld devices. It is also acts as a backup battery to have on hand for instant recharges. Since this ongoing project is still in the developmental stage it’ll take up to eight hours for the device to reach a full charge, making it rather impractical. Therefore, the designers are working on the product in confidences of improving its efficiency and one day making it available to the general public.

Stunning Snaps Taken From Aeroplane Window Seat

Many will agree that; if you get aeroplane window in your trip & gazing outside is the main pleasures of your holidays. Here’s few tantalizing glimpse of the trip to come, or a bittersweet final pleasure as the reality of returning to the office looms.  Snapped thousands of feet above the motherland, this set of pictures show the beauty of earth as seen from the comfort of the plane cabin. Group tour specialist The Flash Pack invited “Flashpackers” to send in their best “plane window” pictures via a social media campaign. The Flash Pack's co-founder Radha Vyas sai: all the images were snapped on smartphones and tablets and gave a real insight in to the life of a jetsetter. These are purely amazing images of our beautiful planet, but shame on those who’re insisting on destroying this wonderful ecosystem.