Saturday, 25 January 2014

Solar Panel Charger Could Be A Right Solution When There is No Electrical Power

Designers Boa Oh and Kyuho Song finally have developed a solution when there is no electrical power source to plug into on the go. Though our advancing technology offers myriad benefits. This benefit has also added to our modern day inconveniences. One such irritation that nearly everybody can relate to is having your phone die on you with nowhere to recharge it. Fortunately, Kyuho Song and Boa Oh have designed a beautiful Window Socket, which is surely small, readily available, portable solar-charger. Equipped with a solar panel and suction cup, this merchandise is perfect for use on windows in offices or in aeroplanes, but will also functioned while out in nature. The socket converts the collected solar energy into electricity that can then actively charge any of your handheld devices. It is also acts as a backup battery to have on hand for instant recharges. Since this ongoing project is still in the developmental stage it’ll take up to eight hours for the device to reach a full charge, making it rather impractical. Therefore, the designers are working on the product in confidences of improving its efficiency and one day making it available to the general public.

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