Saturday, 25 January 2014

Stunning Snaps Taken From Aeroplane Window Seat

Many will agree that; if you get aeroplane window in your trip & gazing outside is the main pleasures of your holidays. Here’s few tantalizing glimpse of the trip to come, or a bittersweet final pleasure as the reality of returning to the office looms.  Snapped thousands of feet above the motherland, this set of pictures show the beauty of earth as seen from the comfort of the plane cabin. Group tour specialist The Flash Pack invited “Flashpackers” to send in their best “plane window” pictures via a social media campaign. The Flash Pack's co-founder Radha Vyas sai: all the images were snapped on smartphones and tablets and gave a real insight in to the life of a jetsetter. These are purely amazing images of our beautiful planet, but shame on those who’re insisting on destroying this wonderful ecosystem.

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