Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Fennec Fox is the Most Cute Animal in the World

Pack up your bags and set the alarms because, by golly, I believe we've done it. We have found the most lovable animal in the world! Of course, we can't take all the credit. Photographer Cherl Kim has been depicted some of adorable creatures for years at Everland Resort, the largest theme park in South Korea. Indeed Kim has an entire folder dedicated to the photogenic fox on Flickr.  Cherl Kim states, "Fennec fox is the most popular animal in my photostream. The fennec fox or fennec is a little nocturnal animal found in the Sahara of North Africa. Remember this one with swag? Fox fennec is famous for its extraordinarily large ears which it uses to release heat and keep cool since it's hot in the desert. Although smallest out of all the foxes in the world, its ears are the largest relative to body size and they are so cute, in some regions of the world, they are considered an exotic pet. Take a look at Kim's images and you'll understand why.


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