Saturday, 1 February 2014

Canadian Photographer Takes Silhouetted Selfies in Spectacular Landscapes

Paul Zizka a photographer belongs to Alberta Canada, has started on a new way to capture the really stunning natural environment that surrounds him in the Canadian Rockies. In its place of simply snapping shots of the environment, the photographer prepares his camera on its tripod, sets the timer, and quickly runs into the shot for a remarkable selfie. Distinct other typical selfies, often presenting low-quality pictures of someone with their extended arm holding onto the photographing device most probably with a phone. Paul Zizka snaps are first-rate images of man and nature. Paul shares the spotlight with the landscape, generally serving as a secondary subject himself to the majesty of the environment. His silhouette sits serenely below the Aurora Borealis, allowing its green and purple hues to hypnotize viewers. He says; I never get bored of shooting the aurora borealis, and a lot of my favorite self-portraits were taken during mainly intense northern lights displays. The aurora has an astonishing way to renew itself and show ever-different combinations of color and textures. I’m confidence that is through my photography people will revive the precious connection they can have with the wonders of our planet.

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