Thursday, 13 February 2014

Cosmos Bed Design like a Cross-Sectioned Egg or Capsule in a Science Fiction Film

Industrial designer Natalia Rumyantseva has harnessed the gorgeousness of the night sky so we can relish it every day, no matter where we live. Her beautiful design, The Cosmos Bed, is a white, fiberglass structure that’s design like a cross-sectioned egg or capsule you would find in a science fiction film. It features a few high-tech details that will no hesitation lull you to sleep, including an audio system that plays anything or white noise, easy-on-the-eyes LED lighting, and perfumed dispensers to emit scents that induce drowsiness. The slope of the mattress is modifiable to certify that you are never itchy. And, when it’s unwillingly time to wake up, the bed will sound the alarm for you.
The Cosmos Bed is flawless for those who like to camp or stare at the stars, but don’t want to deal with the unfriendly aspects of being outdoors, like mosquito bites or anguish the occasional downpour. If you are an urban dweller, you are certain to find this bed an oasis, particularly if light pollution and the calamity of sirens are part of your normal existence. Drifting to sleep, Rumyantseva's design reinstates a sense of calmness to our lives and makes for enjoyable dreams.

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