Tuesday, 4 February 2014

German Artists Digital Paintings with Remarkable Skies and Fantastic Storms

The German artist’s awe-inspiring skies full of penetrating light and billowing clouds direct the digital artwork of Alexander Rommel well-known artistically as Evergreen arts. The digital paintings of radiant skies showcase the imagined magnificence of nature concentrating on the play of sun, sky, water and wind. Definite science fictions and fantasy aspects give his magnificent sky-scapes a dreamlike setting. Beams of light descend down to the pinnacle of a pyramid and ships lift from the waves to float over the clouds. Though the landscapes are simple and could definitely be real places, the surreal skies are the key focus. A stunning aurora borealis reflects over a lagoon and huge thunderstorms and tornadoes loom over then peaceful surroundings. There is an irrefutable magic to these fantastic digital creations.

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