Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Life in Desert in a Sleek Design Home

These days life is extremely busy, and everyone wants some relaxation in a quite atmosphere. Creative director Marc Atlan has designed a Black Desert House in collaboration with architecture firm Oller & Pejic and interior design company Moderne Builders. It is located only 30 minutes outside of Palm Springs, actually boasts the environment of the Mojave Desert. All the basic needs are available in the house, including three bedrooms, and dining room, and outside there is a central courtyard, a terraced patio, and a black-tiled pool. The sleek modern house is the polar opposite of the natural landscape it is embedded in, making for a fascinating cooperation among nature and manmade home. The spectacular house offers the all amenities of comfort house with a scenic environment of a retreat. A beautiful swimming pool offers a pleasure relaxing mood with gorgeous sun setting view. The architecture serves as a contrasting staple in the deserted area that oddly complements its surroundings, and exceptional quality of silence is supreme and the beauty of the dark night sky borders on spiritual. Five minutes from civilization, the site yet gives the sensation of being beyond time. The great concept and construction were considerate enough to let the spectacular views of the landscape to beautifully translate within the home through its massive glass windows and sliding doors.

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