Sunday, 9 March 2014

Artist experiments with colorful tinted paints & water to create beautifully abstract, hypnotizing formations.

Artist Kim Keever who belongs to New York, experiments with colourful tinted paints and water to create stunning abstract hypnotizing formations. Keever was former thermal engineer for NASA project tends to veer his work towards the scientific and experimental. To create this specific style, the gifted artist drops several amounts of color into water and documents the swirling liquids as they blend and mingle. Keever uses a huge 200-gallon fish tank as the setting for much of his effort, which offers sufficiently of space for the extremely unpredictable reactions to emerge. Staring at the enthralling photographs is a related experience to pointing out shapes between the clouds. Within the blobs, swirls, and trickles of color, spectators might instigate to imagine recognizable forms like fabric or faces, and specific of the swirls almost solid enough to touch.

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