Friday, 18 April 2014

Stunning Egg Shaped Tree House Secretly placed on Canada Woods

The HemLoft is a secret tree house that’s hiding in the woods of Whistler, Canada. A former software developer Joel Allen, who was laid off from his job actually fabricated this and he decided to find another work rather than to retire.  This was a fruitless attempt for the then-26 year old, but the time off shifted his career path to carpentry and he acquired skills made it possible for him to design and build this getaway over the course of many years.

This egg shaped structure is using plywood ribs to set its form and scavenged wood to fill out the rest. Inside, it’s actually a 2 storey minimalist setup, best for somebody who likes camping because it has no running water or electricity. The top of HemLoft features pop-open windows that are impeccable for quietly observing the surrounding woods and taking in the night stars. Although there is a space reserved for a kitchen. His handiwork is built on a stranger's land without their permission and its location is secret and unidentified by most, and the owners of the property have yet to find out about this tucked-away gem.

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