Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Deep Feeling Painting of Shin Jong Sik

Shin Jong Sik is a popular water color artist due to its vibrant and transparent colors painting. His beautiful paintings really express the colorful, dignified and deep feeling.  He has taken flowers, fruits, dishes and hemp cloth as materials. He does not compose as they are seen but recomposes with novel ideas. His admirable talent of lighting the hue reaches the vivid expression of emphasizing the main materials according to hue and the background of his paintings. In his lovely composition you can easily feel the delicacy, flimsiness and boldness are coexisting which are raising affections of appreciators. Shin Jong Sik paints exclusively with Mission Gold Watercolors; a new premium line of watercolors distributed in the United States and Canada. The talented painter is an artist and is the first time user of Mission watercolor in Korea. He had used three different brands of imported watercolor paints until 2009, when he wholly turned to mission after monitoring mission watercolor.

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