Friday, 20 June 2014

Peru Artist Uses Colorful Embroidery to Explore Natural Forms

Peru based artist (Ana Teresa Barboze) uses colorful embroidery to explore natural forms. The artist uses yarn, thread, wool, and fabric to produce exclusive, tactile embroidery works. Ana has no boundaries to the way she creates, blending drawings and photos together with embroidery and knitting to create unforeseen forms that extend beyond walls and frames.

Ana Barboza explores the interactions among the materials that form the fragmented human forms, plants, animals, and landscapes. In her works, colorful threads cascade out and beyond any limitations of frame edges. She creates motion, texture, and human emotions that radiate out from the colorful stitching and towards the viewer. She says; I’m really interested in the diverse concepts one can arrive at by using clothing and embroidery as an artistic medium.  And By using embroidery, which is a traditionally feminine language, the images acquire new meaning as they produce a marked dissonance between image and technique."

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