Monday, 16 June 2014

World’s Most Expensive Restaurant for Just £1,250 per head

Now you can have a look inside the most world's most expensive restaurant: Levitating food, light shows and waitresses dressed as air stewardesses only for £1,250 per head. The innocuous white door set in an entirely white building on the island of Ibiza. It’s really magic inside that justifies but setting hardly seems for the most expensive restaurant in the world.  This is a new restaurant from two-Michelin star Spanish chef Paco Roncero Spain’s version of experimental chef Heston Blumenthal. Its food is highly enjoyable just like an immersive theatre experience. The owners stand by the charge, and the cost of setting up the restaurant, the quality of the food and the 27 staff for a dozen diners explains the price.  

Furthermore the eatery which seats just twelve people at a time is part of the brand new Hard Rock Hotel, which celebrated its grand opening just done with live performances at its open-air, beachside concert space from disco king Nile Rodgers and garage stars Masters at Work. They claim their taste at Sublimotion will be a work of theatre appealing to everybody of our senses and transporting us to another world. Though few may shudder at the price tag, celebrities and wealthy holidaymakers are already queuing up for bookings. In a tiny room with more than a few artfully-placed boxes and giant nitrogen tank a key ingredient in many of Roncero’s dishes. 

In a flash of opaque window becomes transparent, giving a vivid glimpse of the 27 staff working in the kitchen to make the 20-course meal that is served up over a two-and-a-half hour “performance” in the restaurant. A metal lift with the support of screens, lights and simulators gives the impression of plunging down the below ground as music blares all around. The feelings are just like a Disneyland ride, guests giggling nervously, wondering what on earth comes next. A all white with a white table and padded white chairs, with names are beamed onto the table as place settings. Then 2 waitresses are dressed as air stewardesses, there is a compere who will introduce the dishes and light and laser effects create different worlds to accompany each separate dish.

Roncero wants the precise tricks of the trade to remain a secret, but needless to say, the white surfaces of the room don’t stay white for long as different settings and videos are beamed onto them, creating a backdrop for the plates and other unusual crockery put in front of visitor. Food is served with a flourish and makes own Bloody Mary cocktails using test tubes presented to us in a giant book. The sweet dessert served up on a spinning, levitating plate, which eventually slows down enough to allow eating it. It is just like a food presentation and all wispy nitrogen clouds and bizarre concoctions that mean you don’t know what you’re eating until it is in your mouth, then Roncero to make an appearance dressed as Willy Wonka, the deranged chocolate producer in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

Roncero explains he always wanted to explore diners’ surroundings and complete the meal experience appealing to every one of our senses. The temperature in the room, the humidity and even the smells can be altered to suit each dish, along with the musical accessory. The restaurant is completely booked by millionaire racers from the Gumball Rally, which has just ended its 3,000-mile odyssey across the globe from Miami, via New York, Edinburgh, London, Paris and Barcelona. Is it worth the £1,250 price tag? Spend 10 minutes talking to Roncero and you will say yes. His desire and explanations about the food and how it is prepared are inspirational. He truly is Spain’s Heston Blumenthal. Source: DailyMail

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