Thursday, 14 August 2014

Photographer Julie Fletcher Leaves Her City Life to Capture Stunning Images of Australian Outback

Photographer Julie Fletcher quitting her office job finishing a failing relationship and leaving city in life in Sydney. She finally is living in her dreams, when traveling to Australia remotest locations to capture stunning landscape and gorgeous wildlife of the land Down under. Julie hold her camera in hand and roams the vast outback and photograph the majestic sights, the iconic and breathtaking Uluru, wild kangaroos peeking up inquisitively, calm lakes dotted with twisted trees, rugged mountains towering over barren land, and brilliant night skies filled with endless stars. 

Well, there is nothing out there but at the same time there is so much if you just see and not just look, the photographer says of the secluded southern regions that she frequents. This region has made me a improved photographer by challenging me all the time. I am continually looking for a changed approach on the same subject. It’s taught me to keep things simple and don’t overthink things.

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