Saturday, 6 September 2014

Adorable Topiary Sculpture of a Sleeping Baby Bird by Claude Ponti

Some peoples are blessed with natural abilities to do something different. Like, French artist Claude Pointi, who produced a beautiful sculpture in a large botanical garden.  So if you happen to discover yourself in Nantes, France, be sure to head to Jardin des Plantes, a big botanical garden. Where you will find this delectable topiary sculpture titled “Poussin endormi” (Sleepy Chick) by French artist Claude Ponti. 

It features a larger-than-life baby bird whose relaxed pose looks like it’s in the middle of a nap. The amusing work showcases Ponti’s great abilities in crafting a topiary. Ponti’s creates evenly-textured, rounded forms that are punctuated with metal details like long, thin legs and a bright yellow beak. There’re even miniature eyelashes that dot the bird’s closed eyes! This lovely topiary is part of a larger exhibition of Ponti’s work that’s available for view through October 20 of this year.Source: Charismatic Planet

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