Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Exquisite Cake Looks like The Interior of a Library.

In the recent times, Kathy Knaus has discovered creative cake abilities. She designs a beautiful sugary sushi rolls to a scaled-down fashion studio, but her most excellent work is her multi-tiered library cake. In this tremendous design, Knaus has created a spectacular interior section of a public library. 

The lovely miniature display features a tiny table, with two gumdrop reading lamps, and a minor chair placed directly in front of rows and rows of books. An attractive model globe sits on the central level with a rickety ladder that leads up to the 2nd floor, and the shelves on both levels are stocked full of colorful book covers. 

Knaus has paid cautious devotion to every detail, together with the bricks on the exterior of the building as well as the tiles on the floor of the interior space. The cake design is almost too fanciful to actually eat! Despite of her library cake above, you may also admire her efforts in making clever cake creations below.

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