Monday, 13 October 2014

The spectacular boiling lave and ice bubbles images that celebrate the beauty of nature

These’re extremely beautiful pictures you’ve to look again and again to realize exactly what they are. German photographer Thorsten Scheuermann has travelled the world to snap a series of images that take a left-field view at nature’s beauty concentrating on one sole object. The photographer took the dangerous initiatives to captures the luminous, boiling lava of Kilauea Volcano, blue cracked mud in Oregon's Alvord Desert, and a humble row of trees in Leavenworth, Washington. These’re stunning sites that can gain greater significance and have their beauty exposed when excluding everything else around them. It was really a memorable trip and I enjoyed a lot with lot of new learning’s. The moments of beauty around me in everyday life, things like evening light filtering through leaves or an interesting cloud formation spotted during my commute. My object is to encouraged people to pay more attention to their environment & love their surroundings. I absolutely relish the beings outdoors with my camera, even weather conditions aren’t perfect. I always have a good time just getting out there and enjoy the process of looking for photo opportunities. I am always critical of my own work and realize lots of opportunity for improvement. But since that means spending more time outside photographing, it's inspiring rather than discouraging.Source: Dailymail

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