Sunday, 18 January 2015

Globetrotting photographer captures perfect wildlife action shots

Award winning Hungarian photographer Bence Mate's nick name is “the invisible wildlife photographer” captures breathtaking images of wildlife photographs of dancing parrots, weightlifting ants and a toucan looking for a fight incredibly up close and personal. He has caught in startling close-up detail; these eye-catching photographs give an uncommon perspective on the animal world. He offers an explanation as to just how he manages to capture such cherished photographs, as he spend days, weeks or even months quietly tucked away in a hide that he himself has carefully designed and built.

These often utilize one-way glass, which is what enables him to get so close to his oblivious subjects. He says; when I was walking in the wild with a pair of binoculars around our necks, we often witness magnificent moments in Mother Nature. However; at such moments, factors such as distance, light, background, environment and the miracle of surprise, infrequently allow us to pass on our visual experience to others. Therefore; I’ve to strive to forecast when such breathtaking moments occurs and capture them in photographs. You know, a great planning and patience are usually required to execute natural photograph along with dose of good luck.

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