Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Brúarfoss The Icelandic Waterfall Perfect For All Seasons

Brúarfoss (Bridge Waterfall) is a lovely waterfall in Biskupstungur in the South West region. It is one of the hidden gems of Iceland because you can’t see it from the road and there are no signs directing you to it. It is in the Golden Circle area, and you should absolutely make time to see it if you are in the area. The waterfall derives its name from a natural stone arch that went over the river near the waterfall in earlier times. A legend says that early in the 16th century, the butler in Skálholt ordered the arch to be broken to prevent beggars and vagabonds from entering the Skálholt land. Poetic justice was served, as the butler drowned in Brúará River shortly after.

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