Sunday, 26 July 2015

Drone discovers Remarkable Glacier Hidden in the Himalayas, that nobody will photograph it again.

Polish photographer “David Kaszlikowski” is highly thankful to the help of a drone, when he captured a incredible scene atop a glacier near the K2 mountain, one that he wouldn’t have ever discovered otherwise. The expedition to discover an exclusive Himalayan locale started while he was shooting the upcoming documentary called “K2 Touching the Sky”. He looked-for a personal project to work on during his downtime, and so he decided to sent his “DJI Phantom drone” to look in the majestic scenery surrounding the world’s second-highest peak. Moreover, the device found a secluded spot near Concordia, which is the area below K2 where the “Baltoro” and “Godwin-Austen” glaciers converge.

He also carefully noticed that there was a section of glacier surrounded by a 65-foot-wide pool of water. Indeed, the place was very exclusive, making a very clean graphic frame, ad it was disappearing, melting, and changing its form every day. However, it was quite obvious nobody will shoot it again like me; nobody will see it the same way the next season. Well, to catch the breathtaking sight, he and his guide hiked to this special place at night, where he used a 30-second exposure shot with a Canon 5D Mark III. 
Although the shutter was open, he lightened the environment with an LED. The ultimate result is a surreal, eerily-glowing form that looks as though it’s from another planet. The unexpected location is one that he would’ve missed on his own. And as a veteran in the industry, he’s thought, like drones, can support photographers get the finest shot possible. The talented Photographer says he maybe would have missed the shot ten years ago, as he wouldn’t have had the drone that spotted the location in the first place, as the technology improves exponentially. These days with digital and access to various advanced tools, it’s much easier to get exceptional results. But one thing never changes; you have to follow your vision. Source: My Modernmet

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