Tuesday, 1 December 2015

South Korean Photographer Captures Spectacular Landscapes Reflected in Mirror-Like Lakes

These days, most of photographer is very keen on taking picture of natural landscape. Nature is extremely close to heart of everyone. People really like to enjoy in open air with fresh breath to relax him for daily routine. Similarly The Seoul-based photographer Jaewoon U has gathered quite the following on 500px, and rightly so. His imposing landscape shots of his home country are nothing if not magical, overflowing with colors and rich details. The South Korean artist is mainly skilled at capturing beautiful outdoor scenery reflected within mirror-like lakes and rivers. Moreover, Jaewoon's spectacular portfolio features the essence of nonviolent harmony in each composition, while instantaneously showcasing the natural beauty of the countryside. The photographer's wanderlust-inducing portraits are visually tempting enough to immediately add South Korea to our travel bucket-list.

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