Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Record Breaking Snowfall Buried America

The East Coast of United States was getting ready to dig its way out of record breaking snowfall after historic storm Jonas dumps up to 40 inches. Therefore, Glengary, West Virginia with an astonishing 40 inches of snowfall, however Baltimore record breaking snowfall of 29 inches. Many states have been declared emergencies, with more than 13000 flights canceled across the country. Meanwhile words to describe how bad the storm was, actually going to be one of those generational events, where your parents talk about how bad it was. The frequently bustling New York City looked more like a ghost town as Broadway shows dark, thin crowds shuffled through a diverse kind of Great White Way, the nickname for a section of the theater district. Moreover in Washington, monuments that would classically be busy with sightseers stood vacant. Thus all mass transit in the capital was to be shut down. The winter storm formed near-record high tides along the Jersey Shore, better the tide of Hurricane Sandy according to North Wildwood city officials. Check out these stunning photographs of record breaking snowfall all over America.

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