Monday, 1 February 2016

NYC Winter Storm Photo Strangely Look like an Impressionist Painting

In the midst of Winter Storm Jonas, photographer “Michele Palazzo” braved the breezy weather in optimisms that he'd capture a one-of-a-kind shot. Hence, luckily, he came across New York City's Flatiron Building and that's when something supernatural happened. As tufts of snow swirled in the wind, Palazzo aimed his Ricoh GR camera and snapped the building, nearby streets, and snowy meteorological conditions. 

Therefore, after improving the image in VSCO Cam, the artist carefully noticed that the snow swirls shaped patterns resembling swift brush strokes. Thus, as a whole, the photograph amazingly echoes an impressionist painting. So, if you look closely, you'll realize that the Flatiron's windows feature an origami installation by artist Chelsea Hrynick Browne. Her hand-cut paper creations flawlessly add to the ethereal, Winter Storm Jonas moment.

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