Thursday, 14 April 2016

Chinese farmer loses 25 tons of fish after sinkhole appears in his pond

A farmer in south China' s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region suffered heavy losses after a sinkhole appeared in his fish pond. The incident occurred in Guiping City at about 4 am on March 24, when water levels at the pond were seen falling at a dramatic rate. At around 9am, the pond almost completely drained, and what' s left of the water in the pond was flowing down a gaping hole. The owner of the farm says he lost about 25 tonnes of fish.

SOUNDBITE: YANG SHUANGXIAN, Owner of fish pond  "The water used to be 1.2 meters deep. I' ve been running the fish farm for five years and each year we would produce 30 tons of fish. This time, our direct loss is estimated to be 450,000 Yuan to 500,000 Yuan. So, local villagers say, this is not the first time for such sinkholes to appear in the area. They suspect that a nearby quarry is likely to blame for causing the incident.

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