Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Astonishing Drone Footage Shows the Flying Scotsman Steaming Across a Massive Viaduct

One of most amazing drone footage of the Flying Scotsman steaming across a scenic viaduct is an impressive sight and not just for trains-potters. The incredibly beautiful journey was captured by hobby drone operator Neil Fedorowycz, who watched the live action footage through his iPad as he controlled the drone with his wife, Marnie. The viaduct was built in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, in 1923; the Flying Scotsman in 1934 pulled the first train to break the 100mph barrier.

Thus, a cloudy, grey day was brightened up by the iconic locomotive chugging along the tracks of the Harringworth viaduct in Northamptonshire, which is longest masonry viaduct in Britain. The huge numbers of amazed onlookers gathered in the field to see the magnificent train sped down the railway on its journey from London to Yorkshire. Moreover, after steaming through Wellingborough station, the train stopped at Kettering to pick up passengers and fill up with water before thundering on over the viaduct.

The 47 year old Neil Fedorowycz said; I cycle through this countryside very often and this viaduct is remarkable piece of engineering art work. It is really breathtaking when Flying Scotsman steaming across the top of it, really a great opportunity to miss. It is extremely difficult to manage drone battery which lasts only 20 minutes when the drone was up in the air and the train was running about 20 minutes late. 

 In fact, it is incredibly eye-catching moment, when the train fly across just I was changing the battery and I might miss the opportunity. However, I was so luckily to drone up in the air at eleventh hour and capture the entire scenes. I was stunned to saw the locomotive crossing the viaduct due to extremely breathtaking view. Moreover, a huge crowd also gathered there to watch the moment, and everyone love to see this great fun activity. It was two flawless pieces of engineering coming together and getting such a super shot is icing on the cake. 

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