Friday, 24 June 2016

Italian Photographer Captures Stunning Rugged Landscape by Using Fisheye Lens

An Italian photographer Riccardo Maria Mantero has used a fisheye lens to capture a series of remarkable scenes while travelling through Utah, Nevada and Arizona, adding a distinctive touch to these well-photographed panoramas. The twinkling stars in a purple sky, erratic rock formations and iconic landscapes and the spectacular southwest American countryside, but not quite as you've seen it before.
The Milan based photographer captures the Grand Canyon and The Arches National Park are just two of the spectacular vistas he snapped. The 45 years old photographer aid:  in fact I’ve never get tired of the landscape, because I love them so much due to their colors, their skies and their iconic history. These fantastic places are so popular and have been captured by well-established photographers but I haven't seen too many done with a fisheye, so I tried to something different and wanted to change the point of view with extreme distortion to achieve something exceptional. The talented artist boasts a degree in computer science and has worked for the biggest technology companies in the world. He professes to be an inquisitive person and loves discovering new places.

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