Saturday, 5 April 2014

Sunrise in Seljalandsfoss Iceland

This is photo of sunrise in Seljalandsfoss Iceland.  If you want to see this beautiful place, you'll take a two week trip with snow or rain storm every day, when you see the colors of sky like (in this photo), I can bet you'll feel agitated.  The photographer (Belinda Shi) says; I didn't know about this until the end of my trip to Iceland.  Fortunately, I was assiduous enough to capture every single color I could see every morning and evening, provided it was not snowing or raining.  That of course was at the expense of sleep hours for the first week, and an average I normally slept 3-4 hours every day, but every single minute of my waking hours was well worth it.  The following photograph was taken on Day third of my trip in front of Seljalandsfoss.  I have driven back and forth this waterfall located in South Iceland at least four times during my trip, and every time was a brand new experience.

Photo Credit: BelindaShi and here is her Website

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