Thursday, 18 December 2014

Italian designer reveals plans for spectacular 164ft super-yacht made out of BRONZE

Italian super-yacht designer Federico Fiorentino has revealed a beautiful new concept that could one day be a floating playground for a billionaire’s. Well, the most luxurious vessel, called “The Belafonte”, is a super-yacht on steroids with a substantial bow and remarkable bronze exterior that catches the sun’s reflection off the sea.

At 164ft in length, the aluminum yacht takes full advantage of its outdoor space, boasting three decks with number of room for lounging or partying. With room for up to ten overnight guests, the mini-cruise ship has five lavish cabins, including a large VIP suite, two twin cabins and a double cabin.

The owner will retire to the largest room of all. At nearly 900 square feet, it has a lovely separate studio, balcony, walk-in closets and two modern bathrooms. Visitors will be pampered by the ship’s crew as they can relax in a saloon, outdoor dining area, pool or a shaded sky lounge. Renderings of the striking super-yacht show a hot tub surrounded by sun loungers on the top deck, while the airy middle deck boasts a small pool just steps from a large, circular table for alfresco dining. So the front of the upper deck features a private lounge for sunbathing. According to the Super-yacht Times, the vessel has a top speed between 20 to 27mph. (18 and 24 knots), and the Milan-based designer has already garnered interest from a potential buyer.

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