Monday, 15 December 2014

Wild Adventure of a Man and his Dog in Breathtaking Nature Photographs

Well, few things in the animal kingdom are very stronger than the bond between people and dogs, and it is the modest but powerful force behind this relationship that gives illustrator John Stortz’s photos their charm. When he travels throughout the United States with his attractive and fittingly named dog Wolf, he takes photographs of some of the stunning locations they’ve visited. Without any doubt these’re great adventures, excellent shooting, and most magnificent travelling companion a man can have.

The faithful dog, whose full name is “Wolfgang” teamed up with Stortz when he adopted Wolf from a shelter about two years ago, their Instagram is really a desire to browse, as the photographs of the lovely wolf-like Wolfgang are punctuated by Stortz’s striking illustrations. However Stortz draws a diversity of subjects, his affection for nature and the Inspiration of Wolf on his work is clear. Be sure to take a lovely look! The added dimension of the relationship between photographer and dog makes the difference between sighted and reading the photographs.

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