Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Best Pink Beaches of Around The World

The most liked sandy beaches and turquoise waters form a vision that will motivate travel bug in most people particularly when the weather cools. But though you might have imagined or see white or pale yellow sand, there are a few rare destinations around the globe where the sandy beaches actually have a subtle shade of pink. Therefore, one of the most well-known examples is Pink Sands Beach, a three-mile long stretch of sand on Harbour Island in the Bahamas.
Hence, the wonder is not caused by pollution or a trick of the light but rather, a micro-organism famous as foraminifera. Therefore, in the Bahamas, a rare species of the tiny creatures, Homotrema rubrum, have reddish shells according to the Royal Gazette. So, once they die, they get washed up on to the beaches where they blend in with the sand, pieces of coral and skeletons of other marine organisms to make the famous 'pink sand'.

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