Monday, 10 October 2016

Superb Photographs Celebrate Autumn's Crimson Leaves, Misty Mornings and Foraging Wildlife

Well, in spite of Britain's tarnished habit for confusing with its schizophrenic weather, it is now officially autumn. Therefore, several are still mourning the summer, plenteously of others regard these months as those that form the best season of the year. Thus, it marks the arrival of fiery crimson leaves, chiller temperatures, clearer stars and finally, the excuse to shroud ourselves in snuggly jumpers and sip tea by the fire. Normally, people like autumn colors, scattering nature colors all over the ground. The autumn which derives its name from Etruscan, a pre-Roman language more than 2,000 years old also brings with it a decent chance to watch Britain's woodland wildlife. Therefore, few birds fly in while others habitually migrate away, numerous critters are out gathering nuts and berries in preparation for hibernation, and for stags, it's time to grow and display their wonderful antlers. Here’re a collection of autumnal photos to welcome in the falling leaves and shorter days. 

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